Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gerald Durrell's 'My Family and Other Animals' - Discussion Questions

Ten-year old Gerry, in Corfu, with faithful companion, Roger

My Family and Other Animals – Book Club Discussion
·         What were the aspects of this book that appealed to you most?
·         Which appealed to you least?
·         The Durrells are quite a bunch of characters – did you have any favorites?
·         Among the non-Durrells, which of their friends, neighbors and acquaintances did you find most interesting?
·         Gerald Durrell infuses so much personality in his observations on animal character and behavior. Did any animal make an impression on you?
·         Corfu, Greece is the setting. What images did you get of the place?
Language and Literary Elements:
·         Did you find any facet of Durrell’s style particularly striking?
·         What would you comment on this book as a work of…
1.      Humor
2.      Natural History
3.      Memoir
Key Theme
·         Why do you think Durrell wrote this book? What was he trying to say?
Discussion Questions:
·         Who is the real head of the Durrell household – Larry or Mother?
·         Reading this book, would you say that the family that laughs together stays together? If that is so, what does it say about families that cry together? What binds a family closer; is it the laughter or the tears?

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Lisa McGuinness said...

thank you for posting such succinct discussion questions - perfect for home school or a book club!