Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Womanhood by Betty Best

A woman is a strong power of force.
She gathers strength from many a source. She has to cope with frowns and stares
And act as if she never cares. The roles that life gave her to play
Demands of her both night and day. A word of depth is what she needs,
Not just a man to buy the feeds. She wants some way to be a friend,
But lust destroys this in the end. For man with much a roving eye
Who has no insight, passes by.

Some thoughts…

On a personal note:

…The roles that life gave her to play…

Perhaps the key is in understanding that women, and men alike, are so much more than the sum of the roles we play. Child, Parent, Sibling, Friend, Neighbor, Spouse, Partner, Lover, Worker…this is not who we are; they are just guises that we assume at any given time, and we should be careful about the extent to which we submerge our identity in them. Whatever defines us also confines us.

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